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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Photo Gallery | Pathways


Photo Gallery | Pathways.  Open house on Saturday February 23rd from 11:00 to 1:30.  737 E. Guadalupe.  Small, flexible, personalized. I have not been to this school myself, but it was recommended by a member in the ESA group.

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SERC Home School

SERC Home School.Neurobiology class.  Lots of great resources on this site even though it’s not local I have found it very informative and inspiring.


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Get involved, get informed and be heard.

Keep your eye on what's going on, and don't be afraid to speak up to support children.

Keep your eye on what’s going on, and don’t be afraid to speak up to support children.

I copied a bit from our ESA gmail group to save here for reference.  It’s important that we stay informed and we make ourselves heard if we want to continue to use state educational funds to continue educating children with special needs at home with some freedom to use systematic, scaffolded or scientifically based, innovative, or unique but affective approaches to learning that are not offered in some public or private settings but are successful for our kids. Sometimes the available classroom approach to learning is not the best fit for your child. This is a complex program and requires us to pay attention to the agenda of some that are involved so that it will truly serve children in need and not the just the best interest of those that are busy just serving themselves on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Lisa reminded us of the advice of another ESA member Call your elected reps and let them know. In my case they never vote how I want them too so I suggest this and I am plagiarizing from Staci’s post back in January. She is right and we should all do this. It’s the process for being heard and staying on top of the issue. By the time we organize it’s voted on and done. Laws can happen pretty fast. “Another alternative is to go to the Capitol (ASAP) and get an ALIS account (must be done in person). Access to an ALIS account will allow you to log support or opposition for a bill and the legislators voting on any bill can see how much citizen support or opposition is there. It is helpful. You can also watch the bill hearings from work or home on the video live feed and send comments via ALIS along with support or opposition.” -Staci

So that is what i am going to do. We can all keep a look out for the latest happenings by going to WWW.AZLEG.GOV look up on the little window on the upper left hand side of the sight and type in the bill HB2530 and it will take you too the bill information. Who sponsors, when it is scheduled, what committee it is in. Everything but who wrote it and what lobbyist group is pushing for it and why.
I have a feeling it will be over fast.

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Sky Kids


Sky's the limit!

Sky Kids. I’m excited to see what this is all about.  We signed up to participate. My husband who struggled through school with learning disabilities said that when he got to fly, and was able to look down on it all his problems seemed so small, he felt free, and peaceful in the clouds.  What a wonderful gift for kids who might never have the opportunity otherwise!

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Catherine has created a lovely book that supports the Nurtured Heart Approach with Children with Autism.  I know that this approach has been  invaluable in shifting the challenges we have faced in our family with behavior, yelling, meltdowns and general nuttiness, and that’s just with my husband…lol.. you should see what it has done for our relationship with our son that has had difficulty regulating his emotions and intense. It is sometimes hard work, but worth all you put into it.


Aidens Waltz by Victoria Marin


Aidens Waltz by Victoria Marin. I ran across this book as I searched for information regarding the benefits of  ballroom dance as it relates to occupational therapy.  My son who is 13 with global apraxia loves to dance, loves to watch dancing, movies with dancing, and watch his friends Dance.  Since he has been practicing ballroom dancing his social grace and courtesy skills and awareness are improving, he his more attentive to his movements and being in control of them.  He stands taller, is asking to learn different steps, enjoying the social interaction, and enjoying being the leader. He is learning to control his movements more precisely, and temper his energy because he must be mindful of his partner. The benefits have been numerous. Even his personal grooming habits are improving. (at 13 that’s a miracle for any boy) Here is an article written by Victoria Marin on the benefits of dance for children with Autism.

We enjoy (LOVE) the welcoming atmosphere of the Fat Cat Ballroom in Phoenix on 32nd and Thunderbird.  You can dance there every night of the week. You could not feel a more welcoming environment anywhere.

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Apps for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities | DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan


Apps for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities | DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan.

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Amazing Apps for you iPod, iPad, and Android | Ability Times

Ability Times a blog for students with disabilities at Tunxis Community College lists some useful apps!  I’m going to be checking a few of these out.  Especially the readers, and organizers and recorders.  It’s always like a treasure hunt.

Amazing Apps for you iPod, iPad, and Android | Ability Times.

D and I have been having a great time with our new online Science program.  Supercharged Science.  Nothing like good science to get you fired up!  Love the way you gather a box full of stuff around the house plus a few extras and away you go one fun experiment after another.  Science just makes the whole world light up.


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Online Reading for Kids | StudyDog


Online Reading for Kids | StudyDog.

We are loving this supplement to our language material.  Not to many online language programs really put as much attention on memory and auditory skills.  He spent 3 or more hours at it today.  He especially loved that he could see his success, it was fast paced, not too juvenile, and he could see the goal, and what was next! Perfect for us.

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Poor and Gluten Free Gluten Free on a Budget


Poor and Gluten Free Gluten Free on a Budget.

For years I lived with an allergy everyone shook their heads at.  It was so great to find others on the internet that were equally effected.  I crave fresh cold crunchy veggies and fruits….just not the swelling and itching that goes with it. This is also a very nice Gluten free site, that I am enjoying now that my son and I have gone Gluten Free.  We are also moving forward without corn syrup, meat, poultry, and processed sugar.  So far so good.  Not so hard now with so many available products and a wealth of information and recipes online, not to mention a growing community of others that are changing the way they keep themselves nourished.