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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Fun Shoulder Exercises For Kids! These Exercises May Also Help Fine Motor Skills

We have been working on strengthening D’s Shoulder Girdle to improve stability and aid control needed for improved handwriting as well as being able to do a handstand.  I ran across this helpful site on the Well Trained Mind Forum.  So many helpful threads there!

Fun Shoulder Exercises For Kids! These Exercises May Also Help Fine Motor Skills.

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Creativity | Motivational Magic

So glad I landed on this little treasure.  I can’t wait to explore all the cool sites that have been shared here.  Hoping stoke the coals and build a tiny flame.

Creativity | Motivational Magic.

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Parents create housing alternative for disabled adult children – Chicago Tribune


Parents create housing alternative for disabled adult children – Chicago Tribune.

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Dysgraphia: Ideas for Building the Hand for Writing


In a Montessori Early childhood program preparations for writing and building the hand begin at birth.  Since Maria Montessori saw the hand as the child’s instrument to understand the world around him she carefully prepared materials to aid the child in building control of movement, and sensitivity of touch.  These are ideas that get lost in typical early childhood programs and many times a child is holding a pencil before her hand and body are ready to support this detailed and concentrated work. As a parent of a child with dyspraxia, I know all too well the challenges of an inefficient system of motor planning and movement that needs explicit, and repeated practice to master many organized movements, whether of the hand the body the eyes the mouth all the magnificent orchestrations that occur in our daily work. I happened on to this nice list of supports that may be of assistance to you in your efforts to aid your child to build themselves and their improve their motor control and strength of hand. There’s not a moment to lose.

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A Model for Collaborative Montessori Communities- Elizabeth Academy


In the Media | Elizabeth Academy.

I hope you will enjoy watching the possibilities that are here in this program and applaud Elizabeth’s Mom, for taking it on and creating something beautiful that we can learn from.

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FCTD | Disability Intellectual Disability

Some nice resources for students with Intellectual Disabilities can be found here.

FCTD | Disability Intellectual Disability.


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31 Speech And Language Apps For iPad


31 Speech And Language Apps For iPad. This site seems to have a very thoughtful collection of apps that may be helpful to anyone using the ipad for a supplement to reading and language development.  I love this technology but now need some help with scheduling it’s use.  Is there an app for that?

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Arizona: Beetles, Bugs, Birds and more

Nice resource for watching flowers, bugs and

birds in our gardens

Arizona: Beetles, Bugs, Birds and more.

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Avoiding Power Struggles with Children


Avoiding Power Struggles with Children.

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Nurturing the hearts of children with Autism

Here is a nice video explaining the use of The Nurtured Heart approach specifically with children that have Autism. It is an effective approach to the challenges these children sometimes face with emotional regulation. It is a very casually done video but has lots of great information to offer.