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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Entering the Stream…

Remarkable how at times it seems that your path is cloudy or downright lost and then in an instant it is clear that you have been on the right path all along, for you could never be standing in this new possibility without all that had come before this moment.  I wonder why I just don’t expect this all the time, it happens so frequently.  After having spent the most wonderful last day soaking up every minute of a place I truly adore with people I absolutely admire, I came home to such joy.  Of course there was the 20 minutes in the car with Jane Siberry and her song Calling All Angels, that allowed a great many tears to fall before moving on. Than lunch with my oldest and an expression of gratitude for he lead me to this great place, and years of parenting and volunteering and the beginning of a calling to this Montessori Work.  Even he often expressed his wish that I could be a normal Mom and not always be around volunteering. I think he appreciated my devotion to my own calling.  And I hope one day he will find his callings to be devoted to. And then there was Dylan and Mary at Little Friends Montessori who sealed the deal.  There was nothing else that I could do but become a Montessori Teacher. Joyfully lead by my children to such great work.

As I get ready to leave the classroom, and spend a little more “Montessori” time at home,  The oldest is packing to move out (I don’t think it’s related). It’s so scary and exciting to see your child embark on their own journey. As guess as much as it is my own. I try not to be afraid, as I imagine helping my other son build himself so that he too, will discover his independence and will have what he needs to follow what he is called to with passion in his own way.   Since I clearly can’t always see the forest for the trees; for this leg of the journey, I will just trust, follow my heart, love without fear of loss, listen, and leap into joy. I will imagine myself at the end of this path saying the same things I am today.  So grateful to have had the opportunity…..