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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Let’s be honest…it takes some practice to float. Let’s just say I’m hanging onto the edge. His joy is my guide.

It has been a shift from thinking about the classroom at Villa in my sleep to building a “home classroom” for Dylan.  I have learned so much from my experience at Villa Montessori, and am grateful to be applying as much as I can, little by little to our home. Dylan seems pretty excited about the process and glad to have my full attention.  Today we cleaned off shelves, brought shelves in from other rooms (including one shelf that is to be left by my oldest, who, well hasn’t quite moved out yet, I hope he won’t mind the shelf’s early departure from his room) We set up work and supplies, as beautifully as possible in baskets and containers made from natural materials,  and basically began to think about what would be needed for him to build independence, and to re-establish his own intrinsic motivation to work.  Remembering to keep it beautiful, he has a nice spot for supplies, a journal that he decorated for language and math thus far. We set up an “art” shelf with items of current interest, and put out books on easels, and a big chalk board to practice writing and words etc. We will have to carve time for systematic, and repeated contact with math and reading and writing, that are particularly hard for him.  These materials will be touched on everyday, but the rest will follow his interest.

Today, after a bit of reading in a world Geography book, we found a video made by two students about the earth’s interior.    These two young girls did a quirky little skit imagining themselves traveling from layer to layer into the earth down to the core.  Simple and perfect.  Just enough to spark Dylan’s interest.  There was also a short piece done by another young boy demonstrating how to make a model of the Earth’s layers.  Terrific, a little  peer teaching right across the internet on You Tube.  So off we went today to gather plaster of paris and a sphere for the core to build the Earth.  It seems like a reasonable place to begin.  I imagine this is  the beginning of many curious pursuits that he will follow, and  in that alone I rejoice!

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Sink or Swim….I choose float.

Choosing to float takes courage.

I am finding another community of devoted educators choosing to educate their children at home, or with a unique blend of teachers that fit their child’s learning style, both here in the states and abroad.  I have always dreamed of connecting with other educators in other parts of the world and collaborating with them, I never dreamed that the opportunity would present itself now that I am educating at home. So hear I float in the company of a new mix of inspired teachers.  Lucky are we to be in a world that can bring us together in this way!

So now we gather information to begin putting together a schedule for our day, explore our choices for subject curriculum, incorporating regular time for free exploration to develop a listening for his own direction, and find time for quiet, exercise, art and music.  There is such a feeling of anticipation joy in the house, it helps to quell the fear gremlins from taking over and squelching all the fun.

Check out the links to sites that have been recommended by others perhaps there will be something there that inspires.