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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Enjoying some nice science animations with a teen flavor.  Nice to have visuals with an older model.  Very clear explanations and nice vocabulary bits. StudyJams.

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WatchKnowLearn – Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students


I can’t wait to use this!

WatchKnowLearn – Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students.

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Getting Started with Reading Bear–Q&A, Tips, and Tools

Check out this online reading program.  I have just reviewed the introduction and sample videos.  Looks really interesting. I am going to see if Dylan enjoys having it as a language choice.  Let me know what you think.  I really like the real object photos the simple but not childish voice and images.  Seems like it would be appropriate for older challenged readers. Not so sure about the Identity image with the bear…info text reads ” It is free, ad-free, and non-profit. It is a project of the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi. The gentleman who generously paid for Reading Bear also funded (which I also designed). Love to see free education!

Getting Started with Reading Bear–Q&A, Tips, and Tools.

Leave a comment This is a site that speaks to my heart. I wonder how I will incorporate these beautiful life lesson plans into our days.  Between speech, reading tutor, time for physical activities that build strength like gymanstics, swimming, vision therapy, and our regular homeschool activities and outings, and on going search for a social world that fits, this is most important.  The spirit of the child, especially a child with challenges must stay intact and vibrant for him to be able to seek his own path, and be joyful in the face of some challenges and prejudices that may persist throughout his life. How do we balance the lessons to live with the lessons of life and what it is to be human when we are still discovering ourselves? How can we teach or let them teach us when we are struggling to accept, believe fiercely, love unconditionally, teach what is needed, be patient beyond our ability, and remain above the darkness and moving toward a future that though unknown for everyone feels especially uncertain? Maybe if I step back and look in from the outside a bit I will see things more clearly. For now I am grateful for stopping by this mindful and affirming website.

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Global Village School Whole Child Healthy Planet Curriculum Guide  -Global Village School Whole Child Healthy Planet Curriculum Guide. is another interesting site for the homeschooler.  Global Village Curriculum is reviewed here.

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Such a lot of wonderful science resources hear. If your lucky enough to live in this area, looks like a terrific program. Have fun checking out all of her enticing nature links.

SERC Home School


When: Tuesday, September 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Where: Reed Education Center, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD (directions available at

Speaker: Sandy Barnett (

Requested donation: $25 (tax deductible) payable at the door, see benefit information below

To register: contact Karen McDonald at 443.482.2388


  • Do you own box turtles, or just want to learn more about them? Have you ever found an injured or sick box turtle and don’t know how to provide emergency care? You’ll find the answers to these and other turtle questions at this workshop.


  • We will cover indoor and outdoor housing (including special needs housing), hatchling care, nutrition, routine health management, diseases, emergency care of injured and sick specimens, and the proper ways to transport box turtles. Examples of short-term housing for special needs and healthy turtles will be displayed.


  • We will also briefly cover proper handling…

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SERC Home School

SERC Home School. Having so much fun looking for other homeschool sites.  It is just encouraging. A wealth of information and experience. This one has links for science, and some helpful downloads.  Enjoy.

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Handmade Homeschool


Handmade Homeschool. A visit to this homeschooler’s site give some helpful curriculum choices when it comes to Science plus more.  Love all the helpful bits here.

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Explorations Through Time

I hope to explore this with DYlan next week.  The timeline of life is presented in a very visual and systematic way with photographic images that help the visual learner. Questions and activities along the way.  Explorations Through Time.

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The Nth Degree


Great resources for anyone that needs resources for those advocating for themselves or others The Nth Degree.