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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

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Avoiding Power Struggles with Children


Avoiding Power Struggles with Children.

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Nurturing the hearts of children with Autism

Here is a nice video explaining the use of The Nurtured Heart approach specifically with children that have Autism. It is an effective approach to the challenges these children sometimes face with emotional regulation. It is a very casually done video but has lots of great information to offer.



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Catherine has created a lovely book that supports the Nurtured Heart Approach with Children with Autism.  I know that this approach has been  invaluable in shifting the challenges we have faced in our family with behavior, yelling, meltdowns and general nuttiness, and that’s just with my husband…lol.. you should see what it has done for our relationship with our son that has had difficulty regulating his emotions and intense. It is sometimes hard work, but worth all you put into it.

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Nurtured Heart: Conquering Fear


This is such a beautiful example of being in the midst of the moment and choosing to say no to what is not working and yes to what is, I hope that I can hold on to it and remember it in my moments of fear and frustration!

Nurtured Heart: Conquering Fear.

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Kids-In-Mind: Movie ratings & parents’ reviews that actually work


Kids-In-Mind: Movie ratings & parents’ reviews that actually work. I have really depended on this site over the years.  I have always been glad when I took the time to check out a movie before I went with my children.  I like the simple somewhat objective description of the scenes.  It allows me to make a decision based on my own values.

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Articles on empowering greatness in your children and transforming challenging behavior


Articles that transform your relationships with your children. I have experienced this transformation first hand. This is work worth doing! As a teacher, and parent I had tried everything. Just prior to choosing to homeschool (something I never thought was possible given our relationship) I read Transforming the Difficult Child by Howard Glasser in Tuscon, Arizona.  It changed everything so quickly for us. I found myself joyfully loving my son again and really seeing all that he did well for the first time in a long time.  I am grateful for this new perspective and refuse to go back.

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21 Exceptionally Valuable Asperger’s Sites

This was included in one of our group emails and thought I would pass it on to anyone else.  It looks like there is much to be gained from the insights shared in these beautiful blogs.  I hope one day this blog will be note worthy and helpful to as many as these are. Enjoy the hunt and the moments spent with your children especially when you remembered to laugh! 21 Exceptionally Valuable Asperger’s Sites. The photo here is from, a blog written from this perspective as well. I am reminded by observation, that I forget to laugh at antics that I would normally think were funny if they were they were performed by my typical son.  I get frustrated by the filters through which I am constantly looking and how those particular filters can, if I’m not conscious color my world in ways I would not otherwise intend.  Mindfulness practice, I think would serve me well to stay in a place where I can see things for what they are in the moment and not judge them by how they will be perceived by others ALL the time.  This thinking lives in my fears about the future, stories of mis-judgements that lurk in my thoughts.  I can’t make them go away but I can put them in their place with mindfulness and a perspective check.  I am grateful to those around me that have given me that insight without really even knowing how valuable.  The young man at Hubbard Swim school who recognizes that unencumbered play is just as important as learning swim strokes!  I have learned so much about my son just by watching him with this teen.  Noticing that my worries don’t exist for others who enjoy my son’s energy and enthusiasm and good will.  I often wish to be them, for a moment, and seek to find that mindful space where I too, can enjoy his beautiful nature without the fears of the future or concerns that win my attention. One thing to be sure of is we are always learning.