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Aidens Waltz by Victoria Marin



Aidens Waltz by Victoria Marin. I ran across this book as I searched for information regarding the benefits of  ballroom dance as it relates to occupational therapy.  My son who is 13 with global apraxia loves to dance, loves to watch dancing, movies with dancing, and watch his friends Dance.  Since he has been practicing ballroom dancing his social grace and courtesy skills and awareness are improving, he his more attentive to his movements and being in control of them.  He stands taller, is asking to learn different steps, enjoying the social interaction, and enjoying being the leader. He is learning to control his movements more precisely, and temper his energy because he must be mindful of his partner. The benefits have been numerous. Even his personal grooming habits are improving. (at 13 that’s a miracle for any boy) Here is an article written by Victoria Marin on the benefits of dance for children with Autism.

We enjoy (LOVE) the welcoming atmosphere of the Fat Cat Ballroom in Phoenix on 32nd and Thunderbird.  You can dance there every night of the week. You could not feel a more welcoming environment anywhere.

Author: LWilliams

I am a Mother to 2 wonderful young men. I am a Montessori Teacher (3-6) and I am learning about advocating for inclusion in Montessori settings. I hope to help others raising children with unique challenges find their way to inclusive living in their own community.

2 thoughts on “Aidens Waltz by Victoria Marin

  1. Hello! I just happened to come across your post. We have so much in common. Thank you for including my work on your site! Much appreciated…

    • Well you have been my inspiration. Ballroom dance has been a joyful and valuable activity. My son has grown so much since we started. His Dance instructors have been so perfect for him. Pam and Ryan Curtis his very talented dance instructors have been amazing and I am so grateful. They are generous beyond measure. So thank you for inspiring me and making something possible that I would never have known about if you hadn’t shared it!

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