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When so many children with special needs are being diagnosed and so many for whom the current school system does not meet their emotional and social needs nor has it been able to consistently meet the majority of these children’s academic needs. And there is currently a growing number of children being kept in “behavior” programs at younger and younger ages without any real measure of success or any laws protecting their safety from physical restraints.  This seems like a practice that we would not imagine to occur in the United States, but indeed it is and a rapidly growing practice at that.  Montessori knew more than a 100 years ago that this was not the way, and her philosophy is as important today, if not more so, due to the current failures in education to do more good than harm.  We have plenty of science and now to back this Philosophy so what stands in the way?   This is a conversation worth having and for the sake of our children with Special Needs we need to have the conversation now.  Welcome to montessori4autism – releasing the inner childHome – montessori education for autism. I have to wonder what would the outcome for some of the children kept in “schools” for managing behavior would be if they were educated in an environment  that sees respect for the development of child’s spirit as a most important factor in education. In my opinion nothing matters if that is lost, for then all is lost. No academic, or social gains will benefit a person, especially a vulnerable person, whose spirit was sacrificed in the process.  They must go hand in hand.  Consider this story and ask yourself if this is how you define a successful outcome. It seems unthinkable if we don’t do something to change it. In our house, I homeschool, practice the Nurtured Heart approach keep the Montessori Philosophy at my back, and seek to educate with joy, and love building a man with both spirit and intellect that will know the importance of his place here on earth. 

Author: LWilliams

I am a Mother to 2 wonderful young men. I am a Montessori Teacher (3-6) and I am learning about advocating for inclusion in Montessori settings. I hope to help others raising children with unique challenges find their way to inclusive living in their own community.

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