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Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs

When things work it feels so good!

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I have set up a reading tutor that works with the Lips program, Seeing stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing found thru Gander Publishing and Lindamood Bell. All intensive phonemic awareness programs that are especially helpful to those that have speech/language issues, auditory processing issues, dyslexia, etc. The program seems to be a good fit for Dylan because he is tends to learn with movement and lots of physical feedback, and visual aids. We tried this program for a short time several years ago and found it to be a good fit, but couldn’t keep up with the cost. This time we attend once a week and I have ordered the program to use myself and am going to get training. In the mean time I can watch and take notes in his session. You know when you see something that clicks for your child, especially when clicking isn’t something that happens very often, it just feels so satisfying! So, today is full of hope and promise. I take these moments as they come and move through the others knowing that another day of hope and promise is around the corner, hang on…breathe, meditate, believe, visualize, exercise, watch TED, look at your chickens, go to a museum, go to the library, eat chocolate, pray, find a friend, and don’t open your mouth for any length of time because all the wrong stuff comes out at these dark times. If you do, give fair warning that what comes out may be guided by a current craziness, that although valid, will not be staying long. Soon, you will be back on track and patience will return. The in the moment joy will emerge and the fear that wells up inside will be overpowered by the presence of those moments for a time. It is all to easy to be consumed with worry and dread, add in Menopause, and financial dispair and well,…. grateful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the kindness of dear friends and a loving and healthy family. Take that! Shot down with gratitude! Well, really I came to this post to share this power point I ran into from another help teacher blog. (this downloads, I can’t figure out how to not have it download.  It is a Power Point presentation on the various sound labels and mouth formations.DAy 2_LiP  Hope it helps.

Author: LWilliams

I am a Mother to 2 wonderful young men. I am a Montessori Teacher (3-6) and I am learning about advocating for inclusion in Montessori settings. I hope to help others raising children with unique challenges find their way to inclusive living in their own community.

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